“The solid wood floor is very delicate” is not a fake. Like the human skin, the solid wood floor is prone to cracking in the dry climate in winter. Therefore, at home, while enjoying the warmth, we should also maintain the solid wood flooring like our skin. There is no shortage of “moisturizing” or “emollient”.

"Moisturizing" room humidity 50% ~ 60% best

The real reason for the floor to appear from the seam comes from humidity, not temperature. Therefore, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor in winter is generally large, the air will be relatively dry, the moisture content of the floor will decrease, and increasing the humidity of the floor is the first essential point of maintenance.

Adding moisture to a solid wood floor is like applying moisturizing water to the skin. Nature floor professionals said that in winter maintenance of solid wood flooring, it is not appropriate to directly increase the humidity of the solid wood floor surface, but to adjust the humidity of the indoor air, so that the solid wood floor absorbs the moisture in the air. In addition to increasing the air humidity, in addition to reducing the window opening time as much as possible, a humidifier can be placed indoors to increase the humidity, so that the air moisture content in the room is controlled at 50% to 60%.

"emollient" waxing at least once in winter

“Like skin using a moisturizer, solid wax on solid wood flooring is a must for winter maintenance.” According to Zhengtai Pinsheng flooring professionals, solid wood flooring shrinks in the winter floor, and the seam between the floors will be Increase, when the floor is coated with solid wax, it will reduce the extent of the expansion.

Experts suggest that the solid wood floor should be wiped clean first. It should be noted that if there are stubborn stains on the solid wood floor, first wipe it with a neutral cleaning solvent, then wipe it with a twisted cotton mop. Do not use acid, alkaline or gasoline. Solvent scrubbing, so that the solid wood floor is easy to "destroy"; after the solid wood floor is cleaned, evenly apply a layer of solid wax, after a little dry and wipe with a soft cloth, you can make the solid wood floor "youth forever".

special reminder

Winter floor cleaning attention

1. When cleaning solid wood flooring, do not place glassware and porcelain in water directly on the solid wood floor to prevent excessive local heat, floor damage or container rupture;

2. The surface of the solid wood floor in winter is dry, and the surface layer is easily damaged. In the case of cleaning, it is especially necessary to avoid sharp objects from scratching the floor.

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