The Lantern Festival is coming again. Will the kindergarten arrange for the children and the teacher to make a dumpling? The rice balls that you make yourself are extraordinarily sweet!

Activity goal:

1. Initially learn to lick the dumplings and develop the muscles of the hands.

2. Perceive more and less during the production process.

3, willing to work and cooperate with peers to make dumplings and share the fruits of labor.

Activity preparation:

Glutinous rice flour, water and other raw materials, some pots

activity procedure:

1. Present the finished dumplings:

1) What is this? Have you ever eaten rice balls?

2) What shape is it?

3) How did the round dumplings come from?

2. Guide the children to talk about how to cook the dumplings according to their own life experience.

3, children make dumplings

1) Perceived more and less;

2) Is it more round and round than a group of rice balls?

4, cook the dumplings to let the children observe the cooking process

5, eat rice balls, experience the fruits of labor

(Boiled dumplings can also help the canteen staff to help, eat the dumplings can be placed in the afternoon snack time)

Tang Yuan production video tutorial:

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