In the fall of 2010, Hello Kitty eau de toilette Eau de Toilette launched a mini-perfume collection containing 5 different styles of mini perfume bottles. Lovely design, compact shape... It has a good reason to be the best-selling product in 2010!
French perfume company Koto Parfums, which has a Hello Kitty-authorized company, launched the Hello Kitty series in 2008. This year's Hello Kitty Sweet fragrance series has further expanded the Hello Kitty product range. It expresses a new concept about colored mini perfume bottles.

For several months and leading glass manufacturing expertise, these Hello Kitty cat perfume bottles with diameters up to 3.5 cm have been made. They are stylish and interesting. Believe that people will be hard to resist such a lovely Hello Kitty perfume, and it can be reused, for example, to decorate a room.

This category is about Makeup Tools , including Beauty Sponges, Brush Cleaner, Makeup Accessories and Makeup Bags . Makeup Sponge is perfect for application of cream or liquid products. The Makeup Mirror is protable for makeup and touch-ups in the outdoors.

The Silicone Brush Cleaner can help you wash your brushes and the Makeup Pouch will help you store your Makeup Brushes and keep the brushes clean.

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