Energy-saving emission reduction, green environmental protection and low-carbon life have become the irreversible development theme of today's era. Environmental protection cabinets have emerged under such a theme and are naturally sought after and loved by everyone. However, since environmentally-friendly cabinets are emerging products, more efforts are needed to win development in the market.

Cabinets are the weakest link in home environmental protection. With the comprehensive development of green home and environmental protection technology in China, cabinets that meet the requirements of home environmental protection will usher in broad prospects.

However, the development of the environmentally-friendly cabinet industry in China at this stage is not ideal. The development of China's environmental protection cabinet industry is lagging behind. The environmental protection level of the industry is far from the US and Europe. The use of glass, profiles and hardware accessories that affect the environmental protection of cabinets is not reasonable.

Why is the development of China's environmentally-friendly cabinet industry so slow, which has a direct relationship with the strong real estate developers. As long as the developers open the market, the listings will be snapped up, and the queues will not buy the houses. No one cares about the quality of the cabinets. problem. However, in order to reduce costs, individual developers continue to reduce the procurement cost of cabinets, resulting in a continuous decline in the quality and profit of the cabinet industry. Cabinets that meet environmental requirements are unpopular because of their high cost. Instead, they are environmentally friendly but low-cost “small workshop” cabinets occupy most of the market space. And consumers' understanding of environmentally friendly cabinets is also very limited. So it is not surprising that the environmentally friendly cabinet market is weak.

In addition, the lack of environmental protection cabinet industry standards is also an important reason for restricting the development of environmentally friendly cabinets in China. “The environmental protection cabinet industry subdivision standards and technical standards are not detailed enough, and the enterprise self-discipline is poor. In order to compete for low-cost competition from customers, it is often because the price is not good for the benign development of the industry, and it is difficult to improve the quality. Only in fair competition. In the market environment, the survival of the fittest can accelerate the development of the industry." Zou Mingxiao, a researcher in the building materials industry of China Investment Consulting, said in an interview.

How much does the environmentally-friendly cabinet industry have on the environmental protection structure of the entire home industry? Yao Bing, president of the China Household Metal Structure Association, publicly stated that cabinets are the weakest link in the household goods sector in China, and the energy lost through cabinets The entire household energy consumption is 45% to 50%. Some insiders pointed out that the energy loss through the glass accounts for about 75% of the cabinet. Under certain conditions, the heat radiation and conduction of the glass are the main factors leading to the energy loss in the room. Ni Haiqiong, president of China International Cabinet City, said that cabinets can be called “black holes” for home environmental protection. Many energy is lost from the cabinets, and the current society’s understanding of cabinet environmental protection is far from enough.

Zou Mingxiao said: China is in the transition period of urbanization, the demand for households is very large, household energy consumption accounts for 40% of the total, cabinets account for 20% of household energy consumption, accounting for 50% of the national economy, the entire national economy The total energy consumption accounts for 20%, so the contribution of environmentally friendly cabinets to low carbon and environmental protection is very important.

At present, there are more than 30,000 cabinet enterprises in China, and the development of cabinet enterprises is mostly in a state of small, scattered, low-tech, no environmental protection technology. There is still a gap between the environmental protection standards of cabinets and European and American countries. The household energy consumption is more than three times that of developed countries. With the continuous introduction of national environmental protection policies and the increasing awareness of low-carbon environmental protection among the people, the understanding and understanding of environmentally-friendly cabinets is gradually deepening, and there is still much room for improvement in the environmentally-friendly cabinet industry.

Zou Mingxiao pointed out: China's urban and rural homes are growing at an annual rate of more than 20%, including 40 billion square meters of homes, more than 95% of which are high-energy homes, and the energy consumption of cabinets is 2 to 3 times that of developed countries. In the next 30 years, China will build 40 billion square meters of new homes. In order to achieve the goal of “beautiful China”, green home is also an important direction for future construction. Therefore, the environmental protection cabinet industry will usher in an unprecedented development opportunity.

Under the weight of the property market regulation and interest rate hikes, grasp the opportunity of the two conferences to protect the housing or bring new opportunities for the door and window industry. It can be seen that the real estate downstream industry does not need to be pessimistic, and should adjust its strategy in a timely manner, focusing on the home improvement and home decoration market.

Safe housing is a new turning point in the door and window industry

At present, the total number of affordable housing and affordable housing has increased, and the local construction ministries are also urging all provinces and municipalities to implement affordable housing.

Under the influence of the new real estate policy, the volume of commercial housing transactions across the country has shrunk. According to economics professors, China's real estate prices have maintained strong growth. The commercial package of affordable housing is based on market prices and uses industrialized production methods to cope with the transformation of the entire Chinese real estate market. If the door and window industry adapts to the transformation of this market demand, accelerate the research on the characteristics of major consumer groups and government policies in the future door and window market, and make some adjustments according to the development trend. Then, the impact of the property market regulation on the door and window industry will not be great, and the market has rigid demand, and affordable housing should be the new "turning point" of the door and window industry.

Environmental performance leaves room for solid wood doors

At present, the homogenization of solid wood doors in China is serious, and there is vicious competition in the market. The value of the products themselves is seriously reduced, and the market is caught in a strange circle. Due to the reduced profit of solid wood doors, the quality of service has not improved, which has led to a decline in product reputation.

With the more economical application of composite doors and steel doors, the solid wood door enterprises are facing a severe development situation. However, the environmental performance of solid wood doors can leave room for solid wood doors.

The price of wooden doors is "up" or "not rising"?

The price of home building materials is still rising this year. The whole domestic wooden door industry faces two major problems: First, the international economic situation has caused the export of wooden doors to be hit. Many enterprises have also 'fighted' the domestic market, which has intensified competition in the wooden door industry. Second, raw materials, The rise in labor prices, the most direct performance of which is the wooden door industry. In the wood door industry, which relies on imported wood, the price of raw materials has risen and then rises, and the cost pressure on enterprises has become increasingly large.

In view of the price increase problem, some people think that the cost pressure is high, and it is necessary to die without raising the price; the other party believes that the market sentiment has fallen sharply, and there is no market for the price increase, and it must not rise. Whether the price of wooden doors should rise, and how big the increase should be is still inconclusive. But in any case, the wooden door enterprises must first carry out various adjustments from the inside to cope with the ever-changing market environment, in order to be invincible in the future competition.

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