[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Today, urbanization is developing, people are slowly moving away from nature. The grotesque urban scene is exhausting, and the fresh and natural pastoral scenery can cure people's minds. Xiaobian below introduces several rustic style bedroom wardrobe decorations to teach you how to "move" nature back home.

Korean wardrobe

Floor area: 130m2

Reference price: 4000 yuan

Style: European

Edit Comment: Korean style pastoral fresh style four-door wardrobe, with its unique style and pure and elegant white, to create a unique and elegant bedroom environment. The furniture design is unique, the bumpy design, the exquisite rose-shaped carvings in the closet, the sleek corners, and a stylish furniture that shows its quality.

Wardrobe design

Floor area: 80m2

Reference price: 3689 yuan

Style: Korean style

Editor's comment: The Korean wardrobe design in this case is a sweet new house for young couples. The Korean-style pastoral decoration is exclusive to young people's fashion. The feeling of blending nature is warm and stylish. The space of the house is not too large, but each space has been properly used to maximize the use of the space while maintaining aesthetics.

1.Product name:  particleboard, chipboard, flakeboard

2.Materials:poplar or hardwood mixture

3.Specifications: 1220mm*2440mm*(6-50)mm, 1830*2440*(9-50)mm

4.Loading quantity:  2440*1220*18mm,  one 20'GP can load          8 pallets , 400pcs.

5.Technology parameters: 


The density tolerance:±1.4%

 Moisture Content:5% 

 Water absorption rate:≤1.5% 

Static bending strength:≥21Mpa

Internal bond strength: â‰¥3340Mpa

Formaldehyde released:E0/E1/E2

6, Production line : 

Advanced equipment for the continious hot press machine is imported from Seimpelkamp

company of Germany ,fiber refiner machine is imported from Andritz company of Austria,

sanding machine is imported from Steinemann company of Switzerland.

7.Application: cabinets, table,door core, cabinets for bathroom,construction industry and etc


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