The movie "Miyasu Aquilaria" starring Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu held a media meeting in Shanghai. On the same day, Zhao Liying was a pure dress, which was particularly pure. It was not bad with the pure beauty "Make a girl" Zhou Dongyu on the same stage PK.

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

According to reports, in the film "Palace", Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu, two good girlfriends, turned against each other and staged a palace fighting drama. But at the press conference, Zhao Liying said with a smile, don't look at her and Dong Yu's fights. In fact, they are very good in private. She used to have frequent acne because of the pressure. Thanks to the winter rain, she helped her. A hand, she can fight pox success!

Zhao Liying and Zhou Dongyu are pure and pure. Since the appearance of the "acne" in the drama, "Zhao Liying" has been popular in the audience with the image of "clear and clear". In 2013, Zhao Liying played a generation of female Lu Hao in the legend of Lu Hao, known as the costumed version of Du Lala's promotion. The breakthrough performance made the audience shout "dready", and the popularity of the audience soared. .

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

The so-called "human red is not much", when the "Lu Yan Legend" was broadcasted, there were people on the Internet who blew Zhao Liying's acne muscle photo, and ridiculed: "Lu Hao is fighting in the palace, 'pox 'What's more?' And the careful audience can also find out from many shots in the drama that Zhao Liying always has one or two acne on his forehead, which is very unsightly.

Today, Zhao Liying, who has a smooth skin, once talked about this problem with acne muscles. Zhao Liying was apologetic and pouted. She said with a smile, "Because I am oily skin, I often take acne. When I shoot Lu Yu, For the first time, I took the big beam, and the pressure was very old and insomnia. But at that time, the acne was too small. The face was long on the forehead, but the forehead was more frequent. At first, I like to apply cucumber, aloe mask, anti-inflammatory. It is not bad to reduce swelling, but the effect is not lasting. If there is too much acne, it will not work. At that time, only the 'inspiration of the heart' is used, huh, huh."

The so-called "psychological suggestion method", Zhao Liying once mentioned on Weibo, is always silently "no acne." It seems that Li Ying, who was cute, was really miserable at the time.

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

Being tortured by acne, Zhao Liying created her own "psychological suggestion acne method"

However, from the movie "Palace" press conference, Zhao Liying's skin is smooth and delicate, and there is no shadow of a trace of acne. How did Zhou Dongyu "help her" and let her get so clean? It turned out that it was not long before the filming of Lu Hao, and soon I took a film of Yu Zheng’s film, Gong Gong Shen Xiang, and when I was busy, I was mad. However, movies are different from TV series, not only widescreen but also high definition, so you will see it clearly if you have acne.

This is the first time I have appeared on the big screen. How can it be ruined by acne? Therefore, Zhao Liying had to hurry to find acne. Because she often played against Zhou Dongyu, the first one turned to her. I didn't expect it to be "a cat hits a dead mouse", just right. “Winter rain recommended me a acne product that she used, called the plant lan DDQ bio acne lady suit, or online ordering, it is very convenient. Winter rain said that she used to treat acne before Ok, let me try."

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

   Zhou Dongyu recommended to Zhao Liying: Zhimei Lan DDQ Biological Acne Women's Set

I thought at the time, can you lick the acne on my face? Later, I learned that Zhimeilan is a medical beauty brand. It is divided into many different suits according to the acne situation. This kind of adult acne belongs to adult acne, so it is symptomatic to use medicinal orchid DDQ bio acne lady suit (adult acne). Winter Rain also told her that the medicinal acne is very mild, and it is not irritating to use it! So, decisively ask the agent to help her go back to the Internet.

The most unique thing about the planting orchid DDQ bio acne lady suit is that it uses a DDQ nano tracking acne system. This system can make the acne component into a nano-biological factor with recognition ability, and locate the acne. At the same time, the nanometer also has strong adsorption capacity, which can quickly remove excess oil and regulate the healthy skin condition.

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

Fresh and light makeup, lining out the perfect skin of Zhao Liying

When it comes to product effects, Zhao Liying is even more praised: "The plant scented acne suit is very complete, from cleaning to acne to repairing acne marks, so every day after the filming, the makeup is only removed. It is enough to use this skin care. After using the skin, it will be calm and relaxed. There is no sense of burden and it feels very comfortable. It doesn't take long for the acne to fade away, and even the printing has not been left. The oil problem in the T area has also been solved. Improvement, the use of a set of acne is basically no longer long."

"Lu Hao" Zhao Liying vs. Acne Muscle

After the acne was successful, the lovely Zhao Liying was more confident in the face.

Without the acne trouble, Zhao Liying said frankly that the whole process of filming "Palace" was very smooth. When facing the camera, she was full of confidence, and playing "the wicked" was like a duck. "Winter rain helped me to acne outside the show, but I was in the play, she was miserable, haha." Li Ying finally smiled guiltily. >>>Excessive skin care causes skin burden

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