Spring Festival holiday is a good time for people to carry out fitness activities. Physical exercise should also be one of the important contents for people to take active rest during long holidays. In most parts of the country, the temperature is still relatively low. The functions of the human organs including muscle function are all at a low level, and the muscles and ligaments are also relatively rigid. Therefore, Dr. Zhang Lewei, a sports medicine expert of the National Sports General Administration Sports Hospital, reminded that the Spring Festival fitness should be For a little while, sports should mainly be based on the restoration of bodily functions. Pay attention to moderation and do not blindly pursue physical activity. Dr. Zhang Lewei also gave four suggestions for the Spring Festival fitness.

Exercise must be appropriate

Exercises in cold weather conditions should not be excessive. Excessive amounts of physical activity, excessive sweating, and decreased resistance may cause colds and induce various respiratory diseases if they are not warmed up in time by cold air.

In the early spring, when things began to recover, the human body began to wake up. At this time, the body needed a period of adjustment to adapt to a larger amount of exercise. If you suddenly increase the amount of exercise, the body will cause greater consumption. If an ordinary sports enthusiast does not have professional guidance, it may overlook the timely replenishment of physical consumption and affect the exercise effect.

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that before exercising, it is necessary to fully prepare for activities so that exercise organs and other organs are fully warmed up, so as to prevent injuries to the sports organs due to sudden increase in exercise.

In the cold season, the body's various organ systems will be in a protective contraction state - the elasticity and stretchability of muscles, tendons and ligaments will decrease, the viscosity of muscles will increase, the range of joint activities will decrease, and the humidity of the air will be smaller, making it easier for people. Feeling thirsty, irritable, stiff and uneasy to stretch. In this case, if people start exercising directly without doing warm-up activities, it is easy to cause strains on muscles, ligaments, and sprains on joints. For example, in recent years, badminton sports that are popular among young and middle-aged people do not look like indoor sports. If the preparation activities are not sufficient, it is very easy to cause sports injuries.

Appropriate clothing

In the early spring for fitness exercise, clothing should be suitable. At the start of the exercise, you should wear more clothing, and the clothing should be light and soft, not too tight; after warm-up, some thick clothes should be removed; after the end of exercise, if sweating is more, the sweat should be wiped off in time and replaced with sweat. Sportswear, footwear, and clothing, while wearing a cap to prevent heat loss.

In addition, outdoor fitness exercises should pay attention to keep warm. When people exercise, they want to cool off. However, they must not stand in a windy place. Instead, they should return to the room as soon as possible to dry their sweat and replace them with clean clothes. As the saying goes: "Cold from the foot of life," because people's feet away from the heart, less blood supply, plus the foot of the subcutaneous fat is thin, poor warmth; so in winter outdoor exercise activities are particularly easy to feel cold feet. If people's head, back, and feet are cold, cold air invades the body from the skin, hair, and nose and mouth, not only will affect the exercise effect, but also a cold illness.

The environment must be comfortable

For Spring Festival fitness, we must pay attention to the comfort of the environment. If you encounter haze and other bad weather, you should try to avoid outdoor exercise; when you exercise indoors, keep indoor air circulation and freshness.

When the weather is cold during the Spring Festival, people tend to keep the windows closed tightly. This is extremely wrong. Because people exhale more than 20 liters of carbon dioxide per hour in a quiet state. If more than 10 people exercise at the same time, there will be more than 200 liters per hour. Carbon dioxide will add the decomposition products of sweat, and the harmful gas from the digestive tract. It will cause serious indoor air pollution. People in this environment will appear dizziness, fatigue, nausea, loss of appetite and other phenomena, the exercise effect is naturally poor.

The project should be suitable

Cold winter, people's body fat content will increase compared to other seasons, weight and waist circumference will also increase accordingly; Although this has some benefits for lean people gain weight gain, but it will affect the development of muscle contours, lines and strength. Therefore, the Chinese New Year fitness should increase the intensity and intensity of exercise, increase the number of exercises and the number of groups, while increasing the content of aerobic exercise, and accordingly prolong the exercise time; this can improve body function while consuming body fat and preventing excessive accumulation of fat .

In addition, the Spring Festival exercise, especially outdoor exercise, exercise interval should be appropriately shorter, to avoid standing in the cold air for a long time. If the exercise interval is too long, it will cause the body temperature to drop, and will make the muscles go from the excited state into fatigue and increase the viscosity, which will not only affect the exercise effect, but also make the body easier to catch cold and easy to hurt.

As for the Chinese New Year's fitness methods, people should choose some methods with slower pace and less exercise - climbing, jogging, walking, radio gymnastics, Health Qigong, and Tai Chi are all good choices; young people can also choose table tennis and badminton , basketball, football and other items.

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