Recently, the "2013 China Smart Home Industry Research Report" released by the International Internet of Things Trade and Application Promotion Association shows that in the next three years, the growth rate of China's smart home market will continue to increase, and it is expected to reach 29.17% in 2016, by 2017. The market size of China's smart home industry will reach 8 billion yuan. The development of smart homes is promising, and smart bathrooms are naturally thriving.

The bathroom is not really smart

For the current development of the smart bathroom industry, industry sources said that although the voice is very high, it is still far from true intelligence. Many people think that smart bathroom is "high and complete", high in price, difficult and full of functions, but at present, these characteristics have become unrecognized factors. Consumers can only be discouraged if the price is too high. Into the door of intelligence, although the function is many, but not every function is recognized.

In addition, when consumers buy toilets, "practicality" has become an important factor in their consideration. Many individual consumers have abandoned the idea of ​​installation because of "bad bad repair." Most consumers have said that the "cold" of smart toilets is also based on its "practical" considerations. Once a problem occurs, disassembly and maintenance is very troublesome. The frequency of use of the bathroom is high, and the "strike" day is unbearable. Consumers are generally optimistic about the actual "function" of the toilet rather than "smart."

The trend of intelligent bathroom

However, as one of the world's largest hardware producers, China has a vast market and consumption potential. With the development of the economy, the stainless steel hardware industry is becoming more and more green and intelligent in the new form. As a symbol of modern luxury life, bathroom stainless steel hardware products enter all aspects of people's lives.

At present, water conservation and environmental protection have become the consensus of the entire sanitary industry. The addition of smart bathroom is to let the concept of water saving reach the hearts of the people, and the technology of water saving in bathroom is becoming mature. In addition, today, as people pay more and more attention to the quality of life, the bathroom has evolved into a culture of enjoyment. Therefore, the purchase of a good smart sanitary ware brand not only facilitates life, but also becomes a way for people to learn to enjoy life.

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