The advantages of chemical-free plates in green environmental protection are undoubted, even in terms of comprehensive cost, combined with the company's practical experience, the author believes that its advantages are equally obvious.

Table 1 shows the comparison between the chemical-free plate material Agfa N94-VCF used by our company and the common plate Agfa N91V. It can be seen from the table that chemical-free plates are more advantageous than ordinary plates in many key aspects of plate making.

(1) In the rinsing process, Agfa N94-VCF eliminates the need for pre-washing and washing compared to ordinary plates, which significantly reduces the cost of water, and saves about 2L of water per square meter of plate.

(2) In the development process, Agfa N91V adopts chemical development mode; while Agfa N94-VCF cleans the layout by glue after exposure, so that the graphic part and the blank part are separated, without developing solution and supplement liquid. Although the volume of the developing machine is the same, the amount of the glue and the developer are basically the same in one cycle, but the chemical-free plate can eliminate the replenishing liquid required in the plate making process of the ordinary plate due to the change of the washing principle. The reason why the ordinary plate needs to be added to the replenishing liquid is based on the following aspects: (1) development consumption of the supplementary plate material; (2) replenishing the oxidizing consumption of the developing solution; (3) replenishing the developer consumption attached to the surface of the plate material. These, chemical-free plates are not required for Agfa N94-VCF, it only needs to add some water to the glue regularly (because the glue will volatilize properly, and a small amount will be taken away by the plate). For Agfa N94-VCF, the cost of the developer replenisher is almost zero, and the average plate per square meter consumes about 100 mL of replenisher.

(3) In the waste liquid treatment process, the common plate material tends to have a strong alkaline waste liquid in the plate making process, and the plate-making wastewater from the chemical-free plate material is neutral and non-toxic, and can be directly discharged. standard.

In this way, combined with the practice of our factory, we can calculate the account: each CTP monthly volume is 2,000 square meters, and the output of ordinary CTP printing plate requires about 200L of replenishing liquid; the replacement period of developing solution is one month. The monthly waste liquid volume is about 280L, and the waste liquid treatment cost is 5 yuan/L. The chemical-free sheet is used. Only the waste liquid treatment cost can save 1400 yuan per month. In addition, the chemical-free processing plate does not. Developer development and water rinse are required. The cost of these three large blocks can be reduced, and each machine can save about 6,000 yuan per month. Although the cost of the chemical-free plate is slightly higher than that of the ordinary CTP plate, the cost can be offset by the strategic cooperation with the plate supplier, so that the comprehensive cost advantage of the CTP-free material is obvious.

In some printing companies with a large number of plates, there are often multiple CTP production lines. If these lines are changed to chemical-free plates, the cumulative cost savings for a year will be considerable. This is also a very attractive technological transformation project in the increasingly competitive printing industry . (Editor: Liu Yidong)

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