Whether it is to use Lego to spell the Transformers on the tall, or the small freshmen to travel with the Lego villain, know that the great gods have already played Lego beyond the scope of children's toys . However, perhaps you still don't know, the Lego villain can also be used to organize the data line. The slightly open C-shaped hand on the villain is just right for dropping a data line.
A member of the all-purpose silicone Sugru R&D team noticed the small slot when using Sugru to fix his LEGO villain on the edge of the table. He found that the Lego villain's C-shaped hand could “catch” the headphone cable, charging cable, A similarly sized coil or plug such as a data cable.
If you stick the Sugru silicone to the back of the villain, you can fix it on the edge of the table, in the car or on the wall. The messy coils instantly sprout. Of course, in addition to Sugru, you can choose other ways to fix the LEGO villain.
Suddenly I thought of a question. When Lego invented the villain in 1978, did you think that the little hand could be used to catch the line?

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