The dark brown walnut gives a feeling of dignity and stability, while the light brown cherry wood makes people feel warm and comfortable. The wooden doors exhibit varying textures and shades of wood due to the choice of tree species. Therefore, choosing a wooden door that matches the decoration of the living room will add a lot of color to the living room.

According to the suggestion of the professional designer of Oubang solid wood house, first of all, the color of the wooden door should be in harmony with the living room. When the main color of the living room is light color, you should choose wooden doors such as white oak, birch, mixed oil, etc.; when the main color of the living room is dark, you should choose teak, Sapele, Warm wooden doors such as walnut. The choice of the color of the wooden door should also pay attention to the color of the furniture and the ground, and contrast with the color of the wall, which is conducive to creating a space-level atmosphere.

Secondly, the shape of the wooden door should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room. The general home decoration style is mainly divided into European, Chinese, simple, classical and other styles. For example, the interior decoration design is based on the curve as the mainstream element, and the wooden door style should also be the ideal matching method with the curve shape, and vice versa. In addition, the choice of wooden doors should also be as close as possible to the wood of the interior furniture in order to achieve the best room decoration effect.

1. The role of decorative door purchase

The door is the key part of the home decoration project, and must be decorated. In the general home decoration, the original door and two bread veneers are painted and painted. However, some of the door frames are made of steel and cannot be modified. The effect of the transformation is limited by the on-site processing technology. Many complex shapes cannot be processed. Therefore, many households adopt the replacement method, that is, the original door does not need to purchase or make new doors. Buying a door is more reasonable, economical, and scientific than making a door. The reasons are as follows:

The first is that the quality of the door is better than the on-site production. The on-site production is completely manual, the quality is not guaranteed, and the purchased door is made by professional manufacturers for the production and processing of the machine. Advanced technology, quality inspection by professionals, reliable guarantee. Secondly, under the premise of the same material and the same specifications, it is cheaper to buy a door than a door. The decorative door factory has a high level of mechanization, high labor productivity, low labor costs, and the price will be cheap. Finally, the decorative effect is good. The products produced by the process of engraving, engraving and pressing are diverse and complex in appearance, and the decorative effect is elegant, and many decorative effects can not be achieved by hand. Therefore, buying a door is more reasonable, economical, and scientific than doing it.

2. Classification of decorative doors

According to the structure of the decorative door, the decorative door can be divided into three types: solid wood door, solid core door and plywood door. The solid wood decorative door is a decorative door made of solid wood. There are three kinds of wood, semi-glass and full glass. From the wood processing technology, there are two kinds of finger-joined wood and logs. The finger-joined wood is sawn and finger-joined. After the wood, the performance is much more stable than the wood, which can ensure that the door is not deformed. The solid wood door gives a feeling of stability and elegance.

The solid core decorative door is made of solid wood frame, the two sides are decorated with decorative panels, and the interior of the door leaf is filled with heat preservation, flame retardant and other materials, and is processed. This type of door has no semi-glass and full-glass styles, but can be set with small pieces of glass. The panel of the solid core decorative door has rich styles, and the heat preservation and sound insulation effects are basically the same as those of the solid wood door, but the price is cheaper than that of the solid wood door, and it has the function of fireproof and flame retardant, and the feeling in use is also very stable.

The splint decorative door is made of solid wood frame, and the two sides are pressed and pressed on the frame with a decorative panel. The quality of this kind of door is light and the price is low, but the decorative effect is very good. The panels are generally imported from abroad, which gives people a simple and light feeling. This kind of products are used in home decoration.

3. The principle of decorative door purchase

The purchase of decorative doors should be carried out in accordance with the following principles:

(1) Matching principle: The selected decorative door should be coordinated with the door frame, the whole interior decoration style, color, tree species, pattern, etc. in order to produce a complete and unified decorative effect.

(2) The principle of ensuring safety: Whether it is the door or the door, it needs to have good sound insulation, anti-theft and impact resistance, in order to have a sense of security. Therefore, it is necessary to select a decorative door with a dense material material, a firm structure, and a safe use.

4. Quality identification of decorative doors

The moisture content of the decorative door should be lower than 12%. The material standard should be the same as other wood products. The processing should be fine, no clear eye, no burr, Russian, semi-glass, full glass door glass frame processing should be accurate, close the line complete. The quality standard of the solid core decorative door is: the filling in the door leaf is full, the wood strip trimmed on the door side is firmly connected with the inner frame, the decorative panel and the frame are firmly bonded, no warping, crack, the board surface is flat and clean, no Thrift, insect eyes, cracks and rot spots, clear wood grain and beautiful texture. The quality standard of the plywood decorative door is that the veneer and the frame are firmly connected, without curling and cracking. The wood strip and the inner frame of the door leaf are firmly connected. The horizontal and vertical keel of the inner frame meet the design requirements, and the hinge should be installed. There is a horizontal keel, the board surface is flat, clean, no thrift, insect eyes, cracks and rot spots, the wood grain is clear, the texture is beautiful, and the thickness of the board surface must not be less than 3 mm.

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