The World Cup is not only a matter for boys, but also a lot of female fans are crazy about it. The handsome sports guys are also enough to attract attention. It is essential to stay up all night, but the next day, facing the protests of various skin conditions, let The girls are distressed, and Xiao Bian is also a loyal fan. In this issue, I will share with the girls what you should do for skin care.

Staying up late to watch the World Cup, skin care is essential


Exfoliation can be said to be a double-edged sword. Excessive stratum corneum accumulation can clog pores and cause skin problems, so that nutrition can not be eaten. However, if you exfoliate excessively, it is easy to lose the protective layer of the skin, so girls must grasp the degree of goodness. After washing your face in the form of alternating hot and cold water after staying up late, use the less irritating facial exfoliating cream to exfoliate the face. Because there is no good metabolic skin overnight, you need your extra time. Take care of it. This method of maintenance can help brighten the skin, especially for night face.

Strengthen eye care

Staying up late is definitely a test of the eye skin. The eye skin is the thinnest part of the body. The most convenient effect of staying up late on the eye skin is the eye skin. On the second day after staying up late, it is easy to "please" to dark circles or bags under the eyes. How to save the cause? Eyes and tiredness brought about by staying up late, Xiaobian suggested that eye mask first aid can be attached, and the tired eye skin can be calmed and relieved through intensive maintenance care. After applying the eye mask, MM can also promote blood through appropriate massage techniques. The circulation of the skin.

Good night mask

The mask is the savior of the night-faced face. Girls who stay up late must prepare a bottle around them and apply it to the face when they need to stay up all night to replenish the moisture needed for the skin. If you don't have a mask on hand, you can apply a high-quality facial tissue on your face and apply a moisturizing lotion to the paper for 3 minutes. The effect is also very good. >>>The lack of water in the skin is the fault of the office

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