Monitoring heat exchanger / monitoring heat exchanger model: DP / JHQ-II With the vigorous development of China's petroleum, chemical, textile, metallurgical industries, the use of large circulating cooling water systems is also more and more extensive. The contradiction caused by the corrosion, scaling and fouling of the cooling water in the circulation system is also becoming increasingly prominent: the three-tube type monitoring heat exchanger produced by our company enables the large-scale heat exchanger to be used without stopping. Cooling water bypass. Monitor corrosion, scale and scale on the heat transfer surface. This method can be used alone or in combination with "linear polarization method" or "corrosion coupon method". The test results are also effective for the confirmation and adjustment of the cooling water chemical treatment scheme and the evaluation of the effect of the medicament. The monitoring heat exchanger is easy to install, stable and reliable in performance, and accurate in data. It has been approved by Sinopec Corp. and recommended for promotion. Working principle Since the heat exchanger itself is detachable, the bypass installation method facilitates the isolation of the test system from the running cooling water system, so the test cycle can be flexibly determined according to the test requirements. The removed tube was used to measure corrosion, fouling, and fouling data based on observation and weighing. In addition, an electrode probe can be placed in the inlet and outlet water chambers of the monitoring heat exchanger to test the corrosion of the cooling water online.

Countertop Washbasin

Ceramic Countertop Washbasin is freestanding and can be surface mounted to any vanity unit, shelf or other compatible flat surface. Made from high quality ceramic for durability and longevity.

Bellamar are specialized in Ceramic basins for over 20 years, located in Chaoshan, China with 2,2000㎡ workshop, +100 employee.. Our monthly export volume is 40 containers, mainly to Europe, Asia.
Our Advantage is:
1. complete Size & Color
2. High quality
3. Competitive price

Vanity Top Basin

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