The jujube tree species are jujube trees, jujube trees are liaceae, and there are nearly 200 species of jujube trees in China. Jujube trees, deciduous trees, up to 10 meters high, crowns oval. The bark is taupe and cracked. Branches have long branches, short branches and detached branchlets.

Jujube wood furniture

The jujube tree is a jujube tree, which is a perennial woody plant. It grows very slowly. If it is to grow into a thick trunk, it needs to grow for at least several decades. It is a jujube tree, such as a jujube tree trunk. The thickness of the tree is about the same as that of the trunk of the tree. The growth characteristics of the jujube tree also determine the hard and delicate wood of the jujube, and the wood properties that are not easily deformed. Therefore, the jujube is very suitable as a sculpture. And furniture.

The wood pattern is beautiful, the color is light red or dark red, and the stability is outstanding. It is a classic high-grade Southeast Asian material. Because the wood species is scarce, it is more precious and has a high collection value.

Jujube wood furniture

Jujube characteristics

1, beautiful appearance

The shape of the jujube wood is beautiful, which is in line with the modern people's advocating nature and returning to the true spirit. Jujube wood iron shoots, vertical and horizontal flexion, stunned in the middle, quite plum wind. The sentence of Zhuxian County, Mr. Zhu Huimin, the old jujube tree has the phrase "May is also awkward when the flower is fragrant, and can be used as a plum in the snow".

2, hard wood

Jujube wood is hard and dense, with clear texture and good stability. The tensile strength of wood is three times that of walnut, which means that the logs are not cracked and not hollow, so jujube is a very stable wood.

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3, high collection value

Jujube trees generally grow very slowly, and the trunks with thick bowls need to grow for decades. Its wooden structure has a natural metallic texture, so its collection value is very high, and jujube is also rich in resin oil. substance.

4, jujube insulation

Nowadays, some people use jujube wood to process into bowls, dishes and other tableware, and earn foreign exchange through export. Especially jujube wooden bowls, not afraid of bumps and not hot, the most suitable for fine skin, tender meat, not slippery children.

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