Iodine Steam Generator Model: MHY-01677 Instrument Description: Derivatization can be by gas, liquid spray or impregnation. In any case, the reagents need to be evenly distributed on the chromatography plate. MHY-01677 iodine steam generator can quickly heat and accelerate the iodine color reaction of thin layer samples, and make the color reaction reaction clear at a glance, saving working time and facilitating the analysis workers. The reagent iodine powder is placed in the heating plate, and the generated steam is filled in the container, so that the chromatography plate is uniformly colored. The heating voltage is infinitely adjustable. The iodine vapor can be generated more quickly according to the work requirement, and the color development process is accelerated. Technical parameters: manual pressure regulation and temperature adjustment: 100-220V adjustable voltage: AC 220V power: 60W heating station is made of stainless steel. Main features: 1.MHY-01677 iodine steam generator can be controlled by analysts to adjust temperature, according to work needs Rapidly heat and accelerate the iodine color reaction of the thin layer sample, and make the color reaction at a glance. 2. MHY-01677 iodine steam generator can save working time and facilitate the analyst. Especially for quantitative detection and thin layer scanning is more convenient.

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