With the rapid development of China's commodity economy, people continue to improve the sense of packaging aesthetics, packaging and printing in China has entered a new realm of development. At present, some high-end trademark packaging, such as famous cigarettes, famous wines, famous teas, high-grade cosmetics, jewellery, and some books, covers, frames, pictures, etc., have gradually tended to be arts and crafts, and the three-dimensionality has been enhanced by its special printing effect. The packaging quality of commodities increases the value-added of products and improves the competitiveness of products in the market.

The new product launched by Wuhan University's printing and packaging department, UV-printing ink, is developed in accordance with the trend. It is a screen printing ink made with special resin and using the most advanced UV curing technology. The product printing package has the characteristics of exquisite printed products, full ink film, strong stereoscopic effect, ink film wear resistance, solvent resistance, heat resistance, etc.; and the curing speed is fast, the surface is smooth, the folding resistance is excellent, and the color is bright. Strong color density and good printability. This ink is printed on the substrate, and after UV drying, it will produce a natural patterning effect on the surface of the substrate. If the thick film printing method is used, the pattern of the cloth pattern will be more pronounced. The overall product printing level and high grade, good image, but also a unique and effective means of corporate product anti-counterfeiting, is an ideal choice for quality packaging, its promotion and application will have a better market prospects.

Designing an annual output of 100 tons of textured ink requires equipment investment of 60,000 yuan, plant 200m2, product raw material cost 45 yuan / kg, reference factory 150 yuan / kg, annual output value of 15 million yuan, annual profit tax 10.5 million yuan.

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