Patent Name Pressure-activated Reaction Vessel and Package Patent Patent Applicant Kimberly-Clark Global Inc. Principal Applicant Address Wisconsin Inventor JE Fish; N. Agarwal; R. M. Kelloll; Yellow Lei;J.Shuti Application (Patent) No. 03822341.4 Date of Application 2003.05.29 Approval Date Approval Notice No. 1681719 Validation Notice Day 2005.10.12 Instruction CD No. D0541 Main Classification No. B65D81/34 Class No. B65D81/34 Division Original Application No. Priority item 2002.10.3 US 10/263,503 Abstract The present invention relates to a reaction vessel consisting of a flexible material comprising at least two reactant chambers containing two isolated reactants. The reactant chamber and the reactants are separated by a frangible seal that is opened under pressure to allow the reactants to mix and react. The reaction produces the desired reaction effect on the environment surrounding the reaction vessel as well as on any item in the environment. The package in combination with the reaction vessel can be used to produce a reaction effect on the items in the package. The reaction effect may include a change in the temperature of the article or bubbling the material to coat the article. Sovereignty item 1. A package for accommodating articles, comprising: an article room having a first face and a second face opposite to the first face, the first face comprising a first face for access to the first An opening of the chamber, wherein the article chamber houses the article; and a reaction vessel coupled to the second face of the article chamber, the reaction vessel including a first reactant chamber containing a first reactant and a second chamber A second reactant chamber of the reactant, the first and second reactant chambers being separated by a frangible seal; at least one of the first and second reactant chambers comprises a flexible material; wherein, after opening the frangible seal The first and second reactants mix and react and the reaction produces a reaction effect on the article. International Application PCT/US2003/017144 2003.5.29 International Publication WO2004/033340 English 2004.4.22 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency China Patent Agency (Hong Kong) Limited Agency Address Agent Liao Lingling

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