Patent name Sealing splint Patent applicant Tätira Laval Shareholding Finance Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Swiss Pee Inventor R. Kupffer; R. Palmqvist Application (Patent) No. 03824566.3 Date 2003.09.19 Certification date Approval Bulletin No. 1688483 Auditing announcement date 2005.10.26 Manual CD-ROM D0543 Main classification number B65B51/22 Classification number B65B51/22 Division Original application number Priority item 2002.10.24 EP 02023851.5 Abstract The present invention relates to a A sealing jaw for pressing a sealing seam (19) on a heatable sealed packaging material, and an induction sealing device with a sealing jaw and a packaging machine equipped with an induction sealing device. In order to provide a sealing splint capable of pressing out a reliable and durable sealing seam even in the presence of a solid component of the product being filled between the closures between two cleats that are close together, providing a Heat sealing material contacting sealing surfaces and sealing jaws of rod or strip heating means (22) for heating the heat sealable material, wherein the sealing surface is provided with a pressure element (23) protruding above the sealing surface And there is a distance between the heating device. Slaves 1. A sealing jaw for pressing sealing seams (19) on a heat sealable material of a package with a sealing surface contactable with a heat sealable material, which is provided with a heatable and heat sealable A rod-like or strip-shaped heating element (22) for the material, characterized in that the sealing surface is provided with pressure elements (23) which protrude above the sealing surface and protrude from it to the heating The device (22) has a distance. International Application 2003-09-19 PCT/EP2003/010452 International Publication 2004-05-06 WO2004/037651 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agency Shanghai Patent & Trademark Office Co., Ltd. Agency Address Agent Ma Hong

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