First, the status quo of packaging design art education

In order to adapt to the needs of 21st century packaging and design talents, countries around the world are currently carrying out reforms and explorations to varying degrees: the merger of disciplines has been reduced to enhance the reform of its cross-curricular system, the reform of disciplines has become increasingly evident, and a large number of required courses have been reduced. Increase student electives in various professions and disciplines.

The training mode of packaging arts and design talents is constrained by social economy, politics, and culture. There are different talents training modes in different times. In the past traditional packaging design teaching, professional and professional coverage is too narrow, knowledge is aging, teaching methods are outdated, and unrealistic goals will directly affect the packaging design curriculum system, teaching content and methods, and teaching quality. Facts have proved that the quality and level of teaching depends on the system and content of the course being studied, as well as the knowledge, quality and ability acquired from it. At present, there are a large number of institutions in our country whose design education curriculum system is unclear. Teachers have too much arbitrariness in class. Because they have classes, blindly increase or decrease courses, teachers are arbitrarily random, teachers lack practical experience, knowledge is monotonous, and production and research are limited. The complementarity and mutual benefit are yet to be combined and perfected. The overall quality of students is not comprehensive, which has a great relationship with the low cultural quality of art design students. In the past, this “specialist type” talent training model played an active role in the primary stage of China’s socialist economy and in the context of urgent need of packaging design professionals in all walks of life. However, with the establishment of China’s market economy and the rapid development of science and technology, the training mode of packaging art design talents in the planned economy era has gradually exposed defects, and the students’ knowledge developed has been narrow and the cultural quality has obvious defects. difference. For the past education model, it is necessary to reform the education model of packaging design on the basis of updating the concept of education, increase the pace and intensity of the accelerated packaging art education reform, and establish a new model of innovative packaging design education.

Second, the Chinese education model 2 Art Design 1 <br> <br> century reforms in the field of international packaging design in the 21st century China and a place to have a strong competitive strength, we must proceed from national conditions, optimizing the school system, to overcome the blind In accordance with the tendency of the school-running model, a large number of packaging design talents with innovative awareness and ability to create inventions are cultivated. Higher education institutions are the bases for training high-quality packaging talents, as well as an important base for knowledge innovation and an important part of the country's creation system.

1. To strengthen the training of packaging design talents in colleges and universities, and to provide services for economic and social development to establish an education model for packaging art design and innovative talents, we must adhere to the dialectical unity of knowledge, ability, and quality. At present, the packaging design education in our colleges and universities does not pay enough attention to the knowledge of neighboring disciplines. It neglects education in moral education and the education of students' overall quality. We should vigorously strengthen the teaching work in this area. Competence is formed through the training and practical training of students on the basis of mastering a certain amount of professional knowledge and neighboring disciplines. Rich knowledge can promote the enhancement of the ability, and strong ability can promote the acquisition of knowledge. The capabilities mainly include the ability to acquire knowledge, the ability to use knowledge, and the ability to innovate. Among them, the cultivation of innovation ability is currently a weak link in higher education. Quality refers to people's congenital physiology, influenced by the acquired environmental education, through their own understanding and social practice, to develop good personality quality, high quality can make knowledge and ability work better, promote knowledge and ability to further Extensions and enhancements. The purpose of packaging design art education is to use various methods to conduct effective moral education, overcome formalism, must go deep into life, and integrate with the general public. Only in this way can we design packaging products that are truly popular with the general public. Only by insisting on the dialectical unity of knowledge, ability, and quality, focusing on quality education, and cultivating innovative talents for packaging design talents, can we meet the needs of the 21st century for the overall quality of packaging design talents.

2. Broaden the knowledge of packaging design To establish a training model for innovative talents in packaging art design, we must deepen teaching reform and broaden our professionalism. In accordance with the needs of economic and social development in the 21st century, we further broadened the scope of the packaging design profession, adjusted attention to existing specialties, and enhanced the adaptability of the packaging design profession. The purpose of packaging art and design education is not to create designers, but to liberate their self-expression and the visual concept of “novel creativity” to help students who are about to become designers find and understand themselves and pay more attention to the economic and public interests. Let them study the knowledge of art and technology, behavior, society and natural sciences, and consider the issues from the scope of design of the design object, so that the cross-cutting and integration of various disciplines can be combined, and various positive factors can be accommodated. . Ultimately, these professional knowledge and methods are of great benefit to the practical problems and solutions they face in the future.

3. Reform of teaching content and curriculum system, highlighting the cultivation of innovative abilities and the development of student personalities. Designing teaching plans based on broadening the foundation, diluting professional knowledge, strengthening quality education, and cultivating innovative abilities, changing the long-term focus on professional needs and emphasis on knowledge transfer. The practice considers the adjustment of students’ knowledge, ability and quality structure, changes the past division of teaching content, overemphasizes the systematicness and completeness of each course, and strengthens the cross-cutting and integration methods of reference subjects. Promote the modernization of teaching content and teaching methods. With the advent of the 21st century, the concept of packaging design continues to widen. In the past, the teaching of packaging design followed the model of taking art teaching as the main body, which was no longer suitable for training cross-century talents, and the reform of packaging design teaching system and content must be accelerated. , To establish a perfect system of design education with the characteristics of packaging professionals.

The reform of the packaging art design curriculum system and teaching content is the core of the reform of packaging design education, and it is the key to ensuring the quality of teaching and cultivating personnel that can adapt to change in the new century. In packaging art design education, quality is life, and features are advantages. Design disciplines are highly technical, cultural, and creative. Designers are engaged in a kind of cultural activities. They are pushing the design to the future and taking the responsibility of changing the world in the future. Commodity "is rare and valuable", culture is known for its characteristics. Losing the characteristics will lose the value of existence. The education of packaging design art is no exception. At present, most of the design universities in China are based on the teaching system of famous universities both at home and abroad, lacking their own content and curriculum features. Uncharacterized education is a failed education. It is an education without vitality and lack of competitiveness. The education of packaging art and design must also proceed from the national conditions, give full play to the advantages of the region, the school, and the multidisciplinary cross-section to set the direction, set up professional scale, strengthen exchanges, and learn from each other's strengths. We must truly formulate guidelines for running schools from the perspective of long-term development, and develop our own education. The characteristics of the company are to cultivate complex talents that are suited to the national conditions and specialize in multi-energy, focusing on economic development and public interests.

4. Reform of contents and methods of packaging design art teaching

The reform of the teaching content of packaging design art mainly includes the following aspects. First of all, the proportion and connection between the main courses of packaging design and other professional knowledge courses. The basic course of design should be based on the idea of ​​design education with the emphasis on fine art courses and hand-painted instruction, and focus on the innovative packaging of products. Second, the proportional relationship between compulsory courses and elective courses in packaging design. Strengthen the main course of packaging characteristics, increase the time of similar elective courses, such as printing courses and graphic information courses, so that the students a special multi-purpose. Third, the curriculum system of the packaging design profession must not only reflect scientificity, comprehensiveness, and advancement, but also fully consider the operability and the relationship between design teaching and scientific research. Fourth, actively implement heuristic and discussion-based teaching to stimulate students' ability to think and innovate independently. We must transform the one-sided imparting of knowledge by teachers, the use of test scores as the sole criterion for measuring educational achievements, and overly rigid teaching systems.

5. To strengthen macro management of packaging design education and reform the current enrollment system
At present, it is necessary to do a good job in the construction of key disciplines in packaging art and design, support the reform of the discipline of design arts, establish a macro-reasonable and professional distribution, and control the establishment of duplicated majors. At present, it is difficult for our country's art enrollment methods to test students' overall quality and creative ability. There are many candidates who do not apply to the design profession to apply for the exam. Instead, they transfer to the design art because of poor learning in the cultural class. Therefore, although many students have a good art foundation but poor cultural quality, they have problems in understanding and innovation. Insufficient stamina. The students' cultural courses in the engineering major have good grades, but they lack the spirit of innovation and high artistic accomplishment. The problems in design art education are to a certain extent related to the enrollment system. A comprehensive set of enrollment examination methods is established from skills selection to comprehensive assessment, professional adaptability and creativity, and ability to analyze and solve problems. , is one of the effective ways to cultivate innovative packaging design talents.

The 21st century is a period of great development in the education of packaging design art. Designers of the 21st century are born in the collision of “new products and exchanges of the world”, and world-class packaging design masters and packaging design creative masters will emerge from the 21st century in China. .

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