A comparison of the exposure energy consumption of various CTP plates is shown in Table 3.

The CTP plate imaging characteristics are shown in Table 4.

The energy consumption of thermal processing of the thermal plate and violet laser plate, such as the flushing equipment, power consumption, and kits, is shown in Table 5.

Purple laser CTP equipment

Since drupa2000 introduced violet laser CYP, more than 20 CTP equipment manufacturers worldwide have introduced violet laser CTP devices to the market. Here are some products from some manufacturers.

(1) Heidelberg Prosetter series violet laser CTP equipment;
{2) Fujixel Luxel Vx 9600/6000 violet laser CTP equipment;
(3) Agile, Galileo Violet, VS4/VS/VXT, Advantage DL3850 CTP equipment;
(4) Mitsubishi Paper VIPLAS, SDP-Eco1630/1630II and DPX5080 violet laser CTP equipment;
(5) ECRM company Mak08/4/2, NEWSmatic, NEWS Extra violet laser CTP equipment;
(6) PateDriver series violet laser CTP equipment from Esko-Graphics (Bao Ludefu);
(7) Cobalt-8/4 violet laser CTP equipment from Escher Grad;
(8) ProForm Metro violet laser CTP equipment from PerkinElmer Optoelectronics;
(9) Barco's Vikinf violet laser CTP equipment;
(10) Krause's LaserStar series violet laser CTP equipment;
(11) High Water's Python, PIatinum2218/2230 violet laser CTP equipment;
(12) Lithotech's Andromeda violet laser CTP device;
(1 3) Purup-Eskofot's ImageMaker violet laser CTP equipment;
(14) Oasis series violet laser CTP equipment from 1PA System;
(15) Screen's PlateRite series violet laser CTP equipment;
(16) RIPit's SpeedSetter VM series violet laser CTP equipment;
(17) ICG's Cirrus 2/8 violet laser CTP equipment;
(18) Prepress TechnoLogise's Fastrak violet laser CTP device.

Purple Laser CTP Plate

Currently used violet laser CTP plates are silver salt and photopolymer plates. The silver salt version contains a silver halide layer, which is diffused to form a metallic silver image area. This layer has high sensitivity and fast exposure, and its resistance force is 350,000 impressions (not baking version). However, the developer containing residual silver needs environmental protection. The post-processing cost is 6% to 8% of the price of the plate. The photopolymerization plate uses photopolymer as the light-sensitive material and is chemically weaker than other plates during processing. Aqueous kits can be used. Waste liquids do not contain silver or other potentially harmful substances. Its resistance to India force is 100,000 to 250,000 impressions, and can reach 1 million impressions after baking, and can be printed with UV ink. However, this version consumes a large amount of electricity and requires a preheating, preheating equipment, and a washing machine conjoint before washing; the post-processing cost is 3%-5% of the price of the plate. In addition, photopolymer plates manufacturers also ensure that their kits can be used before replenishment; medium wash 3000m', which is 3 times more than other plates.

Due to the environmental protection issues and the continuous increase in the power of the CTP violet laser light source, the development momentum of the violet laser photopolymerized CTP plate material has become increasingly strong due to many reasons:

(1) The power of the violet laser light source is increased;
(2) The imaging mechanism of the violet laser photopolymerized CTP plate is the same as that of the negative PS plate. The lye development, the graphic part is composed of an oleophilic resin, and the printability is the same as the PS plate, for users who are used to the traditional PS plate. The operation is easier.

The performance of the main violet laser CTP plate on the market is shown in Table 6. Through the comparison of various lists and the development and application market promotion of each CTP equipment and media supplier, the potential market for violet laser media is enormous, and the application of violet laser technology will be more extensive and popular.

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Source: Printing Technology

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