Jennie-O Foods is currently promoting its "Oven Ready" brand fresh frozen turkey. The outer packaging of the product is a "from refrigerator to oven" soft packaging bag by CurWood. Consumers can directly put their products into the oven from the refrigerator without thawing or preparation. In addition, condiments (family flavor, butter, garlic, or vanilla, etc.) are included in the package to provide end users with sufficient convenience and safety.

This sturdy, unbreakable bag can hold a heavier turkey product. The weight of the currently packaged product is 17 to 19 pounds, but heavier turkeys are also acceptable. This innovative packaging enhances food safety because consumers no longer need to perform a thawing process, which avoids any potential contamination of the product due to incorrect thawing. There is also a pop-up timer in the package that gives the consumer a clear signal when the turkey is baked.

Chuck Meath, vice president of sales at Jennie-O Foods, said: “We are very pleased with the market performance of this new package launched in September 2004. Our sales are growing, and retailers and consumers are convenient and safe for this product. Also gave a high rating."

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