Ink selection and printing considerations

Generally use special high-temperature resistant inks on the market. Use the same manufacturer's series of products to avoid inks reacting different types. We generally use imported SE-RIES900 series ink, with special 355 # open water. Remember, in the mass production, you can't add solvents (such as defoamers and oil repellents). If they are added, the applique will adhere to the product for high-temperature baking. The combined product is to be reworked.

When printing, 300 mesh screen should be used to achieve consistent tension, generally between 18-19N/cm. First print on a white background. After printing one sheet, dry it with a hair dryer. Use a more viscous scotch tape or high-viscosity transfer film. Test it to see if the ink adhesion is good. Good ink will be firmly attached to the material. . If a sticking falls off, tearing off the transfer film when the product is attached, the printed pattern will stick together and cause the decal to be scrapped. Therefore, in the choice of ink, we must use strong adhesion, high temperature resistant brand products, should first test proofing, and then mass production. If the adhesion of white background meets the requirement, yellow, red, blue and black are printed in order. After all the colors have been printed, they must be printed with high-temperature varnish over the second-line soft film of white film and dried thoroughly before they can be die-cut. Die-cutting should be cut half-cut, then tear off unwanted borders, and then turn the film. Transfer film can be properly selected low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity, and then die cutting than before 3mm die, and then cut off completely, without special requirements, generally choose cutting. When affixing the product, stick the applique to the desired part, then gently tear the transfer film, cover the applique with a spray gun with a varnish, and paint the finished product.

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