Cushioned package body to be packaged into a package, manufacturing method thereof, and manufacturing apparatus therefor Patent Applicant Co., Ltd. SUN A. Chemical Engineering Co., Ltd. Principal Applicant Address Tokyo, Japan Inventor Tanaka Tanaka; Pusuke Daisuke; Yuda Zhou Show Application (patent ) No. 03819915.7 Application date 2003.05.02 Certification date Approval announcement No. 1678504 Validation announcement date 2005.10.05 Specification CD No. D0540 Main classification number B65D81/07 Classification number B65D81/07; B65B61/00 Classification Original application No. Priority item 2002.9. 4 JP 259398/2002 Abstract A device for manufacturing a cushioned package body to be packaged includes: an article accommodating space forming device (3) for passing through a blister (11) that is inflated by air filling. The buffer board (1) is folded to form an article accommodating space (1c); a board bonding apparatus is used to bond the overlapped buffer boards (1) and close the article accommodating opening; an article arranging apparatus It is used to dispose the packaged object (C) in the article storage space (1c) and an air filling device for filling air in the vesicles (11). Sovereignty item 1, a buffer package body to be packaged, characterized in that it comprises: a buffer plate (1) composed of overlapping soft resin plates; a small bubble (11) made of soft resin The plate is formed by heat-sealing to divide; an article accommodating space (1c) formed by folding the buffer plate (1); an article accommodating opening (1d); a packaged object (C) in which small bubbles (11) The inside is filled with air and expanded, the article accommodating space (1c) is a space surrounded by the vesicles (11) for arranging the articles to be packaged (C), and the article accommodating opening (1d) is an article accommodating space (1c). In the inlet portion, the packaged object (C) is passed through the article accommodating space (1c), and then closed by adhesion. The air in the vesicles (11) is placed on the packaged object (C) in the article accommodating space (1c). After the arrangement, it is filled until the article storage opening (1d) is closed. International Application PCT/JP2003/005603 2003.5.2 International Publication WO2004/022449 Date 2004.3.18 Date of Entry into the Country Patent Agencies China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Patent and Trademark Office Agency Address Agent He Tengyun

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