The vacuum film packaging bag is a vacuum film packaging bag formed by two pieces of plastic film sealed by three sides, and is characterized in that at least one of the two plastic film pieces has mesh-like grooves on the inner surface of the bag. This kind of packaging bag can also be used when the packaged object is placed outside the vacuum machine, and the bag mouth is pressed on the sealing strip of the vacuum machine to perform the evacuation operation. Because it is not necessary to require the bag to be evacuated in the vacuum pumping chamber, the size of the item is not limited by the size of the pumping chamber, which saves equipment investment, expands the application range of the packaging machine, and is easy to use.

Our condiment set make a bit of fun of bbq party! A mini umbrella and condiments insert in a interesting picnic table that shows leisure time .The block material you can choose metal, wooden and pp.This wooden picnic table condiment set looks just like a picnic bench that's been zapped by an alien shrink ray. Better still it comes with retro style squirters and shakers that sit neatly inside its slatted table section. Brilliant.we also have condiment set shaped like a mini-BBQ so can store the sauces in it.This adorable novelty addition to alfresco dining.

Grill Condiment Set

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